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First off, the size of the tractor is probably most important. Whether we are talking regular tractor transport or enclosed tractor transportation, tractor carriers only have a certain amount of space. Space is even more of an issue with enclosed tractor shipping. Think about the size difference between an F350 Pickup versus a Toyota Prius. This impacts the price for each tractor because potential lost space equals potential lost money.

Look at is this way:

A carrier has the option to take 10 Toyota Prius’s for $500 each. But an F350 from the same city needs to go too and he would make $800 on that. That means that he needs to take 2 less Prius and will lost $200 PLUS the fuel it cost to carry the extra weight and take the truck to its final destination. So it makes sense to leave the truck and take the tractors.

Notice the difference between a Prius and a large truck next time you are in traffic. Now translate that into space = money and weight = fuel ecnomony!

When you start talking about tractor transport versus enclosed tractor transport, space is even more of a premium. Enclosed tractor transportation has limits on space and weight and is even more of challenge! This is why we specialize in enclosed tractor shipping, to make your life easier!

Other factors to consider include:

miles from pick up to deliver

how far will he need to go off the main highway for pick up and delivery

does the tractor run or not

Price of fuel

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